Joost Mulder

Starting his Brussels career in 2004 as an assistant for a Member of the European Parliament, Joost Mulder joined a consultancy in the financial services field in 2007 to advise and lobby the European Union on the behalf of the financial services industry. His major clients included investment banks, hedge funds and rating agencies – organisations that were all caught in the middle of the post-crisis regulatory rollercoaster. In 2011, Joost went through the revolving door again to set up the advocacy work of Finance Watch, a newly created non-partisan public interest lobby group that has the aim to “make finance serve society”. His expertise with the European Union stems from years of experience working for and with EU Institutions. Joost is a vivid transparency advocate regarding the EU’s procedures that take place behind closed doors, such as trilogues. In his current role as Head of Public Affairs at Finance Watch he spends a fair amount of time on scrutinizing the Level 2 process of Delegated and Implementing Acts, where supposedly technical but often highly political calibrations determine whether the political agreements reached to re-regulate the financial industry actually make the impact they ought to.

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